You'll Need

Screwdriver Created with Sketch.
Phillips Head
Bike Rack Created with Sketch.
Rear Rack
On Your Bike
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Common Sense
Your Head

What's Included

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2 Brackets
For Security
8 Screws
4 Short / 4 Long
4 Washers
For Stability
We recommend using the short screws, which provide a tighter fit and are more secure. Use the extra-long screws only if you are unable to fully secure the brackets using short screws.




Attached from inside Buca Boot



Placed below rack, above back wheel


  1. Step 1

    Grab your bike!

    Determine the Bracket Position

    1. a

      Look at your rack (each is a little different) to find a position where both holes are showing.

    2. b

      Brackets can be positioned perpendicular or parallel to rack edges. Bump on bracket should face upward.

    3. c

      Brackets go underneath your rack and hold Buca Boot in place on your bike.

  2. Step 2

    Almost there!

    Fasten Buca Boot to Bike Rack

    1. a

      Open Buca Boot. Remove black foam insert from base.

    2. b

      Line up holes on base of Buca Boot with holes in mounting brackets.

    3. c

      With the top open, attach each screw to the bracket. Screw head should be inside the Boot. Tighten with screwdriver.

    4. d

      Place foam insert back in original position.

  3. Step 3

    Show us your stuff!

    Take a Photo — And Register Your Keys!

    1. a

      Snap a picture of your snazzy new Buca Boot right now! Share it with us on Instagram @bucaboot. You can also find us on Twitter & Facebook.

    2. b

      Register your keys. Registration ensures that if you ever lose your keys, we can help you get a new set. You can register right here.

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