Secure, flexible and stylish bike storage.

Less worry, more freedom.

Buca Boot takes the idea of a secure, weatherproof car trunk and turns it into functional and good-looking bicycle storage.

You don't need to carry notebooks, art supplies, books and your laptop on your back in a backpack that can be opened by anyone behind you in a crowd. With Buca Boot, your belongings are hidden and safe, and your back will thank you.

Ideal for students, Buca Boot makes it simple to:

  • Carry multiple heavy textbooks across campus and back home
  • Bring extra clothes and shoes for work, the gym, or a presentation and lock the rest away
  • Keep your items dry and undamaged, even as weather conditions change
  • Retain security and safety, as the boot can only be opened or removed with a key
  • Ride more safely without grocery bags or takeout food hanging from handlebars
  • Bring more items home than you left with, as its expandable design offers extra storage
  • Be more productive by not returning home several times a day to drop off your things
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Buca Boot acts like a personal locker that travels with you - around campus, or around town.

  • No need for clumsy, heavy chains or padlocks. The secure lock and key system means it can only be opened or removed from a bike with the owner's key, which fits on any key ring.

  • Installation

    is a breeze, as Buca Boot easily attaches to your existing bike rack.

  • installation


is the British word for trunk, and that's really what Buca Boot is - a car trunk for your bike!

Buca Boot makes a great gift or addition to your back-to-school shopping. It's sturdy and stylish storage for your stuff.

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