A bird's eye view of the revolutionary Buca Boot
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The Buca Boot was born while cycling the streets of London

I was always going somewhere — to classes at LSE, to a museum, to the pub, or all three in a row. Every activity required me to carry different things. I felt like a pack mule taking it all on my bike.

What If

I could treat my bike the way everyone treats a car trunk?

I started thinking … wouldn’t it be great if I could treat my bike the way that everyone treats a car trunk (or ‘boot,’ as they call it in Britain), where you can just toss a gym bag or an extra pair of shoes in the trunk, no problem?

Over the last four years, I’ve enlisted various designers and engineers to realize my vision. We worked through iteration after iteration trying to nail the combination of features that make the Buca Boot different: security, weather resistance, and a flexible lid system. In 2013, the final team came together and made something we wanted to share with the world.


A bird's eye view of the revolutionary Buca Boot
The Founder

Kathryn Carlson

Kathryn can thank her grandfather for putting her on her first bike — though she wasn’t so pleased at the time. For her sixth birthday, grandpa gave her a baby blue bike with a banana seat. But she really wanted the one with Strawberry Shortcake on it. Growing up on the south side of Milwaukee, she found independence by biking to the beach near her house and later by cycling to her summer job everyday.

While studying at London School of Economics, she first conceived of the boot. It also explains the name, which comes from the British term for a car trunk. With the idea still simmering in her mind, Kathryn moved to Boston where she worked in finance (covering oil, of all things) and cultivated a deep love for urban cycling. The Buca Boot is truly her baby, combining her style, her passion, and her pragmatism into a singularly smart product.


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